EU Shoot Art Direction

To support the marketing needs of Handmade’s European expansion, I planned a photo and video shoot, spanning across four countries. I prepared imagery guidelines, compiled inspiration and reference photos, scheduled the shoot, coordinated contractors, mapped out logistics, and provided a detailed call sheet for the team. I led the creative team, collaborating with them and directing at each location, to ensuring the aesthetics matched my overall vision.

Shoot Guide


Final Images

Huge thanks to Stephanie Dolen for coming along on the trip and shooting such awesome photos.

Victoria Eggs // Homewares and gifts // London, England

Espanyolet // Hand-painted antique linen // Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Judith + Jules // Handmade jewelry // Nice, France

Lu West // Silkscreen prints // London, England

Paleolochic // Textile design // Palma de Mallorca, Spain